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Breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures by women in California. While many breast augmentation patients undergo this procedure to increase the size of their bustlines, it is also used to correct asymmetrical breasts and restore fullness after pregnancy. Many women just want to have their breasts back following child bearing and just want to fit in their clothes again. Using his extensive knowledge and skilled hands, Dr. Perry has helped numerous women seeking breast augmentation in Sacramento and the surrounding area achieve the beautiful, perky bustlines they desire with breast augmentation. To view before and after images of some of Dr. Perry's breast augmentation patients, please visit the photo gallery.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Perry

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Perry practices the dual plane approach of breast augmentation, a method that places breast implants behind the pectoral muscle and helps women achieve more natural-looking results. He lends his artistic eye and skilled hands to the procedures to carefully contour and enlarge breasts to create more proportionate figures and minimize scarring. While many women benefit from the dual plane approach, occasionally, a sub-mammary is utilized with the silicone gel implants to minimize the recovery time and give a very subtle, naturally perkier breast or bustline. Dr Perry utilizes a transaxillary, periareolar and infra- mammary approach in his practice to facilitate placement and enhance the look of the breasts.

During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Perry and his team at Chrysalis Cosmetics listen to each patient's plastic surgery goals and take an individualized approach to each procedure to fulfill her aspirations. With his remarkable surgical talent, Dr. Perry helps women achieve gorgeous transformations and higher self-esteem.

Breast Augmentation surgery can help restore volume to your breasts.

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Dr. Perry and Breast Augmentation

As with any type of surgery, complications can occur. He stresses the importance of health over aesthetics, and urges patients to fully understand the procedure before undergoing breast augmentation. Dr. Perry uses his extended knowledge and outstanding surgical record to minimize risks and provide safer, comforting procedures. Under Dr. Perry's care, breast implants patients feel at ease and confident about their breast augmentation.

Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Perry's vast experience and advanced techniques and technologies allow him to be a premier breast augmentation surgeon in Sacramento. He and his accommodating surgical team work diligently to provide outstanding care at an affordable price through a variety of financing options. To learn more about breast augmentation with Charles Perry, MD, please contact his office at (916) 273-7435.


In addition to helping women seeking breast augmentation realize their dreams of more voluptuous bustlines, Dr. Perry specializes in treating breast lift patients. His attentive, compassionate treatment approach has earned him a reputation as a leading cosmetic surgery specialist. In addition to performing breast surgery, Dr. Perry also provides care for liposuction patients.

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