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Recovering from Breast Augmentation – Dr. Charles Perry

At Chrysalis Cosmetics, every patient that breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Charles Perry treats is unique. Patients differ in terms of their anatomy, surgical goals, what type of breast implants they have chosen, and what type of placement and incision options they have chosen. Because of this, recovery time and results can vary. However, here are some general guidelines about what the recovery and results will be like following breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Submuscular placement of breast implants may result in a longer recovery period than usually occurs with subglandular placement. That said, breast augmentation patients should expect to take about 5-7 days off work immediately following breast augmentation surgery. They should avoid exercising for at least the first 2-3 weeks following surgery, and should gradually resume their normal exercise routine as advised by Dr. Perry.

The most intense part of the recovery period typically occurs in the first 4-5 days following surgery. During this time, patients may experience pain or discomfort, but this can be treated with oral medication as prescribed by Dr. Perry. Patients may also experience stiffness, swelling and bruising of the treated area, fluid retention and limited arm movement. Breast augmentation patients should rest, and avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting. However, they should also take easy walks around the house every few hours to minimize the risk of developing blood clots, especially in the legs. Patients are permitted to shower about 3-5 days after surgery as directed by Dr. Perry.

Dr. Perry dresses the treated area with bandages and places sutures after surgery. In some cases he may insert thin drainage tubes. Bandages, drainage tubes and stitches will be removed at Chrysalis Cosmetics several days after the procedure. Once bandages are removed, patients may be advised to wear a surgical bra for 1-2 weeks to minimize swelling and provide added support while the body heals.

As the body continues to heal, sensation in the breast or nipple area may change. Patients may experience an itchy or tingling feeling as the nerves heal. Any residual swelling should diminish about one month after the procedure.

Dr. Perry will provide patients with complete instructions regarding how to care for the treated area in the days, weeks and months following breast augmentation surgery. For optimal results, patients must strictly follow Dr. Perry's instructions and keep all follow-up appointments.

Breast Augmentation Results

The breast area may be bruised, swollen and stiff following breast augmentation surgery. However, these symptoms will subside with time. Over time, breasts will become softer, particularly with postoperative breast massage.

Results from breast augmentation surgery are long-lasting. Nonetheless, breast implants are not intended to last a lifetime. Those who have undergone breast enhancement surgery should expect to replace their breast implants after about 10-15 years, or possibly sooner. Also, gravity, the effects of aging, pregnancy and nursing may eventually adversely affect the original results of breast augmentation. Although the results of the surgery are not permanent, many women experience lasting confidence after undergoing breast augmentation surgery in Sacramento with Dr. Perry.

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