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Breast Implants Shapes and Profiles – Dr. Charles Perry

When pursuing breast augmentation, patients must decide which breast implants shape and profile they would like. There are advantages and disadvantages of each shape and profile type. Breast augmentation patients should review the following information regarding the different shapes and profiles available for breast implants, so, together with Dr. Charles Perry at Chrysalis Cosmetics, they can make an informed decision about which is right for them.

Breast Implants Shapes and Textures

There are two breast implant shapes to choose from: round and teardrop shaped. Breast augmentation patients choose round breast implants because they provide fullness, cleavage and lift throughout the breast area. In contrast, patients typically choose teardrop-shaped breast implants because they look more like natural breasts.

Once breast enhancement patients have chosen the breast implants shape that they would like, they must also decide between a smooth or textured outer shell. Breast implants with a smooth outer lining move more easily within the breast implant pockets. On the other hand, breast implants with a textured outer shell tend to attach to the overlying breast tissue. This helps textured breast implants counteract the effect of gravity, helping them stay higher on the chest in the long run. Also, some studies claim that textured breast implants decrease the risk of capsular contracture. However, more research is needed to support this assertion. Capsular contracture is a condition in which fibrous tissue develops around breast implants, causing the breasts to feel hard and in some cases causing breast implants to rupture.

Breast Implants Profiles

After discussing the implant shape options with Dr. Perry, breast augmentation patients must also choose which breast implants profile they would like. With regard to breast implants, the term "profile" refers to what degree breast implants project outward from the chest wall. There are various profiles to choose from: low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, and high profile with extra fullness or projection.

In general, higher profile breast implants project farther away from the body and have a narrower base. Thus, high profile breast implants provide patients with a more prominent breast silhouette than low profile breast implants do.

When choosing which profile is best, those pursuing breast augmentation surgery should take several factors into account. Most importantly, patients must consider their natural anatomy. High-profile breast implants may not be appropriate for those who have a wide breast base, because high profile implants have a narrow base. Also, even patients with a petite frame may have a wide breast base that cannot properly support high-profile breast implants. That is why Dr. Perry will first evaluate your individual physique before helping you decide which profile to select.

In addition, breast enhancement patients should consider their aesthetic goals when choosing a breast implants profile. For instance, although high profile breast implants offer a great degree of outward projection, they may not provide as much fullness on the sides of breasts as some patients would like. For other patients, having the most lift and cleavage possible is more important than having the most natural-looking silhouette; these patients may opt for higher-profile breast implants.

During consultation, Dr. Perry will carefully review all of the breast implants choices, including which shape, texture and profile may best suit each patient.

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