Browlift & Eyelid Surgery in Sacramento

Excess skin and constant puffiness around the eyes can make men and women look older and more fatigued than they actually are. Whether the causes are genetic or environmental, saggy eyelids, puffy under-eye bags and drooping eyebrows are problems that many people struggle to manage. Usually the first sign of aging noticed by people in the Sacramento area, it is a commonly enhanced area.

By undergoing eyelid surgery and browlift with Dr. Perry, many patients experience dramatic transformations that help them look younger and more alert. While the changes are subtle, the effects can be dramatic as others often see you as more youthful and alert. With Dr. Perry's advanced surgical skill and vast experience, patients are able to look and feel their best. To view results of individuals throughout the area whom Dr. Perry has helped, including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and browlift patients, please visit the before and after gallery.

Accentuating the eyes is an important aspect in cosmetic surgery.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) and Browlift Procedures

Unlike many expensive eye creams that slightly decrease the problem, eyelid surgery can eliminate puffiness and excess skin around the eyes and provide a patient with noticeably refreshed appearance. Dr. Perry, a compassionate, board-certified plastic surgeon, thoroughly evaluates each blepharoplasty Sacramento patient during his or her one-on-one consultation to help create customized procedures. By removing unnecessary skin, muscle and fat from the upper or lower eyelids, a patient can acquire a smoother, younger appearance.

In many instances, eyelid surgery is combined with browlift for a complete facial rejuvenation. Browlift surgery raises sagging eyebrows to their proper positions and smoothes lines and wrinkles in the forehead. Combined, these procedures can open the eye area and help patients achieve the beautiful results and higher levels of self-esteem they deserve.

Dr. Perry and Eyelid Surgery / Browlift

Like all surgical procedures, eyelid surgery and browlift have a few risks. Under Dr. Perry's care, patients feel confident in their decision to undergo these procedures. He and his friendly, accomplished surgical team at Chrysalis Cosmetics provide attentive, compassionate support throughout the cosmetic procedure process. Dr. Perry's outstanding surgical record is a testament to his exceptional talent and years of experience producing stunning results.

Your Eyelid Surgery and Browlift with Dr. Perry

A leading cosmetic surgeon in California, Charles Perry, MD, has earned a reputation for excellence. He and his surgical team at Chrysalis Cosmetics offer comforting, affordable procedures with a variety of financing options. To learn more about eyelid surgery and browlift in Sacramento, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Perry, please contact his office at (916) 273-7435.


In addition to offering eyelid surgery in Sacramento, Dr. Perry specializes in a range of other advanced facial beautification procedures. He has helped many rhinoplasty and facelift patients realize their dreams of rejuvenated, proportionate facial profiles. Dr. Perry also offers advanced skin care at his beautifully appointed plastic surgery office, and he is a skilled lip lift provider.

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