Chrysalis Cosmetics Fee Reduction Programs

In order to make the life-changing effects of plastic surgery more accessible and affordable to all of his Sacramento cosmetic surgery patients, Dr. Perry offers several Fee Reduction Programs. In addition to financing plans, which are available at his office, the Fee Reduction Programs have helped many patients achieve desired aesthetic results who may otherwise be reluctant to undergo one or more beautification procedures. The following are Chrysalis Cosmetics' Fee Reduction Programs that you may want to take advantage off when considering your plastic surgery procedure.

Chrysalis Cosmetics' Buddy Surgery Program

The Buddy Surgery Program at our office can save each patient up to 15% of the total cost of a major plastic surgery procedure. Here is how it works: If you and a buddy come in for a consultation with Dr. Perry in Sacramento and each person schedules a cosmetic procedure, each patient receives 15% off. You may bring up to two additional patients for a combined total of 45% in savings.

The Buddy Surgery Program is a great way to save on your cosmetic procedure, as well as help a friend and/or a family member who may be considering a plastic surgery treatment, including facelift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and/or liposuction. Cosmetic procedures at Dr. Perry's office are best for patients who already lead healthy lifestyles and whose body mass index (BMI) is less than 30. The best way to find out if you qualify is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Perry.

For more information about the Buddy Surgery Program and to determine your eligibility, please contact Chrysalis Cosmetics at (916) 273-7435.

Chrysalis Cosmetics Sudden Saver Days

For patients who have a flexible schedule, Dr. Perry is proud to offer the Sudden Saver Days Program. Plastic surgery patients who schedule their cosmetic procedure with Dr. Perry on certain days and have their surgery performed during a certain time period, receive 10% off the total price.

The Sudden Saver Days are quite popular among plastic surgery patients who contact Dr. Perry for all their cosmetic needs. This means the Sudden Saver Days time periods are very limited. To ensure your plastic surgery time slot during Sudden Saver Days, it is essential to express your interest to Dr. Perry and his medical team at your earliest convenience.

For more information about the Sudden Saver Days Program and to determine your eligibility, please contact Chrysalis Cosmetics.

Chrysalis Cosmetics Body Bucks

Did you refer a friend?
At Chrysalis Cosmetics, a referral of a friend or family member is the most valued gift any patient can give. If you are pleased with the results of your cosmetic surgery and impressed with the Chrysalis Cosmetics surgical suite and staff, you may consider passing the word onto others who may be interested in enhancing their appearance. As a way of expressing appreciation to those who refer patients to Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr. Perry offers the "Chrysalis Cosmetics' Body Buck". Here's how it works: for each patient you refer to Chrysalis Cosmetics, you will receive Chrysalis Cosmetics Body Bucks as a token of appreciation. The Chrysalis Cosmetics Body Bucks can be redeemed as a credit towards any procedure performed by Dr. Perry.

For each patient you refer, you continue accumulating your Chrysalis Cosmetics Body Bucks, which are transferable, never expire and may be used as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

The Chrysalis Cosmetics Fee Reduction Programs are only valid for patients who are determined good candidates for a plastic surgery procedure following a comprehensive evaluation with top Sacramento surgeon - Charles Perry, MD. The above named Fee Reduction Programs are not valid with any other offers and have no cash value.

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