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Mommy Makeover FAQs – Dr. Charles Perry

At Chrysalis Cosmetics, mommy makeover surgeon Dr. Charles Perry is happy to answer his patients' questions regarding mommy makeover cosmetic surgery. Below, Charles Perry, MD shares the mommy makeover questions that he frequently hears from patients, as well as the relevant responses.

What is mommy makeover surgery?

Not surprisingly, mommy makeover cosmetic surgery is designed to make over any mother who wants to get her pre-baby figure back. Perhaps surprisingly, mommy makeover surgery is not simply one plastic surgery procedure but multiple procedures intended to correct several areas of the body at once.

Being pregnant is a gift; however, pregnancy can leave women with loose, sagging skin throughout the midsection. Pregnancy can also cause the abdominal muscles to weaken greatly or even separate. Nursing can leave women with droopy breasts that may seem deflated or flattened like a pancake. Breastfeeding can also cause nipples to migrate downward. That is why Dr. Perry typically includes tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation and (sometimes) breast lift in mommy makeover surgery.

What happens during the mommy makeover procedure?

After general anesthesia is administered, Dr. Perry begins the mommy makeover procedure. During the tummy tuck portion of the surgery, he repairs weakened or separated stomach muscles before removing loose, drooping skin from the lower abdominal area. He then repositions the navel as needed to align with the new, flatter abdominal profile. Tummy tuck surgery requires a horizontal incision that runs from hipbone to hipbone just above the pubic area. However Dr. Perry strategically places the incision in an area that can be hidden by an underwear or bikini line.

During breast surgery, Dr. Perry makes an incision in a concealed area on or near each breast, minimizing the visibility of scars. During the preoperative phase, Dr. Perry and the patient will decide where to position the needed incisions, as well as what type of incision to make. (These decisions depend on several factors, such as the patient's anatomy, the type of breast implant chosen, whether breast lift is needed and the patient's aesthetic goals.) Once the plastic surgeon has made the necessary incisions, he inserts the breast implants, performs breast lift if desired and then closes the incisions with stitches, surgical tape or skin adhesive.

Immediately after surgery, Dr. Perry dresses the treated areas with bandages and may also insert thin drainage tubes to minimize fluid accumulation. Any bandages, tubes or stitches that have not dissolved on their own will be removed during one of the patient's follow-up visits to the Chrysalis Cosmetics office.

Who is a suitable candidate for mommy makeover surgery?

Suitable candidates for mommy makeover surgery include those who are frustrated by loose, inelastic skin and greatly weakened muscles throughout the abdominal area, as well as the small or deflated look of their breasts. Although most mommy makeover candidates are mothers, any woman who suffers from these same frustrations may be a suitable candidate for the procedure.

In addition, suitable mommy makeover candidates are in good overall health, are at a stable weight that they feel they can maintain following surgery and do not plan to get pregnant again.

What is the recovery period following mommy makeover like?

Because mommy makeover surgery includes multiple surgical procedures, the recovery period is significant. If mommy makeover surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, patients will need an authorized adult to drive them to and from surgery, and to stay with them the first night following surgery. Mommy makeover patients should expect to take about two weeks off from work.

In the first phase of the recovery period, which lasts about 7-14 days, patients may experience pain or discomfort in the treated areas. Dr. Perry may prescribe oral pain relievers to help alleviate any discomfort. The treated areas may be tender, sore, numb, swollen and/or bruised. Patients should rest and avoid any strenuous activities, including heavy lifting. However, patients should also walk around the house every few hours to help prevent blood clots from developing, particularly in the legs.

Mommy makeover patients should avoid exercising until Dr. Perry says it is fine to resume their normal exercise routine gradually. Smokers should not smoke for several weeks before and after the surgical procedure. Mommy makeover patients should be sure to wear any compression garments and/or a surgical bra for as long as directed by Dr. Perry. They should also eat well-balanced meals to encourage the body's natural healing process. Dr. Perry will provide patients with full instructions for preoperative and postoperative care that they must closely adhere to for best results.

Although some aesthetic results will be visible shortly after surgery, the results will continue to improve for several months as the body continues to heal.

Can any other plastic surgery procedures be included in mommy makeover?

Yes, Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Perry can also include liposuction, thigh lift or possibly other cosmetic surgery procedures in mommy makeover surgery. Patients should discuss all the areas of the body that they want to treat with Dr. Perry. Together, he and the patient will decide the best treatment protocol.

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