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Why Choose Chrysalis Cosmetics?

#1 Compassionate Care
At Chrysalis Cosmetics we offer individualized care plans and customized empathetic care. Your needs, desires and wishes will be heard prior to formulating a care plan. You will be involved in the care plan so that your goals and ideas are carefully considered. Dr.Perry and his staff will help guide you through a process of transformation that will allow your inner beauty (butterfly) to unfold. We are the biggest office in the city and we do not attempt to be the right office for everyone. We are not the cheapest and strive to offer only distinguished results. We believe life should be lived beautifully and you should be surrounded by beauty.

#2 Personalized Care
Dr. Perry and his staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics will not assign you a number. From the moment you enter our office you will be treated with dignity and kindness. We will attempt to make you feel comfortable and welcome. You are important to us and we want you to come back for years to come. We look forward to developing a relationship with you.

#3 Experience
Dr. Charles Perry is an experienced board certified plastic surgeon (view case results). Dr. Perry is experienced in providing individualized procedures and services that work with your life and match your goals. Chrysalis Cosmetics specializes in being small enough to care and big enough to provide the innovation and experience you can rely on.

#4 Technology
Dr. Perry uses the latest and most advanced equipment for cosmetic surgery. He and his staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics take pride in staying current and offering the latest techniques and technology available. From Vaser Liposuction to lasers and endoscopic minimally invasive procedures, as well as cosmeuceticals such as Restylane, Botox, Juvederm and Osage. Our compassionate care allows you to achieve a balanced natural look through technology, which now allows many to achieve great results without the down time.

#5 Safety
Along with experience comes safety. While plastic surgery is fairly safe, it is well documented that in the hands of more experienced surgeons, the procedure is even safer with lower complication rates. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art equipment further enhances the safety. Dr. Perry and his staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics are certified by the Institute for Medical Quality by the California Medical Association. Our last accreditation was for a three year time period (The maximum allowed). We take great pride in our safety record and in only offer procedures with predicable results. We continue to improve through peer review and safety meetings as well as through case presentation and self analysis. We offer care that we are proud to have our friends and families receive. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. We want you to feel both safe and comfortable.

#6 Knowledgeable and well trained staff
Many of our professional and business staff have spent over ten years working in plastic surgery offices. They are well trained to attend to your needs and questions. We strive to attain great people. We are a team at Chrysalis Cosmetics and look forward to providing you with compassionate empathic world class care and results. We use this technology such as our imaging programs and electronic medical records that are specifically designed for keeping track of the plastic surgery patient so that we can optimize your treatment plan and make adjustments as needed. We use only the best materials and send our staff to different meetings and training programs so that they are able to answer any questions you have. Many of our staff have also had firsthand experience with the procedures and products and can give you special insight into the process. We look forward to answering your questions.

#7 Caring Staff
Our top source of new patients is past patients. This is for a reason. We care for everyone that passes through our doors and are dedicated to delivering the best patients experience possible. Come in and see for yourself! Chrysalis Cosmetics is not a Kaiser or a larger plastic surgery group practice – where you are a number on an assembly line. At Chrysalis Cosmetics you will get personalized attention. Our staff and Dr. Perry will do our best to give you empathy and a customized result that meets your goals as best we can. We do this only through a caring staff that will listen and develop a relationship that we hope will last a lifetime. We care about each other at this office and the community we serve. We look to be good stewards of our environment and provide you with the care you need to allow for your personalized transition. We love coming to work and providing this haven of care.

#8 Patient Satisfaction
We constantly strive to improve. Our patient satisfaction surveys show us that we deliver, and we take every suggestion seriously in order to continue to do better. Patient satisfaction is our goal. We strive to make everyone that enters our door feel better when they leave by meeting us and utilizing our services. We will ask your help in making our practice through surveys and are appreciative of any feedback you might have. Our surveys to date have been overwhelmingly positive and we would be glad to share them with you when you visit. We have found that satisfied patients help our practice grow and flourish and this makes everyone happy. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we look for win win relationships from breast augmentation to face and brow lifts we look forward to providing you with a result and care along the way that meets or exceeds your expectations.

#9 Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
While being Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and General Surgery will not guarantee a great result, it does say something about the care and concern we have for you as a patient. Dr. Perry is trained in cosmetic surgery and has dedicated his practice to cosmetic surgery. He is fully trained in the procedures and spent over 11 years studying his craft before entering practice here in Sacramento. Board certification in plastic surgery also demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and a dedication to providing care and results that meet the level of a board certified plastic surgeon. Not all cosmetic surgeons are trained in the process of plastic surgery and not all results are the same. The board certification process gives the patient some idea though of the dedication your surgeon has for you and the lifelong dedication your surgeon has for your care.

#10 Enhanced value
While Chrysalis Cosmetics does not strive to have the lowest price we strive to give you the best value for your investment. From the very beginning, we will develop a long term care plan and provide you with different options to enhance your look. We will give you different product options and surgical options as well so that you can choose. We offer only the best products and services so that you get the most for your investment. We also offer ways to maintain your investment and keep the enhancement looking good for years to come. We want you to know that we only offer products and services that are reliable and produce predictable results in our hands. We want you to feel like you may have spent some money but that you are worth every penny and your new look is more than worth it.


Charles Perry, MD, and the team at Chrysalis Cosmetics are proud to be a leading plastic surgery facility. Their dedication to patient safety while providing rewarding results are just two reasons numerous liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover and breast augmentation patients have visited their state-of-the-art facility.

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